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July 22, 2017
«Paint» your Pizza!

Noooo, the first pizza ever was not made in the America or in Italy! The first pizza ever was made in Greece many, many, many, maaaany years ago! You see, the ancient Greeks used to bake a type of bread that was flat, round and “decorated” with vegetables, spices and olive oil. Undoubtedly this is the first pizza that was created in the world. Many people even believe that the word “pizza” is Greek and comes from the word “pita”!! (Could it be??)!

The second was made on June 11th 1889 by pizza Chef Raffaele Esposito when he created the famous Margherita pizza (using ingredients that have the colors of the Italian flag – cheese – tomato – basil) in honor of Queen Margherita of Italy.

A “trip” on the internet is enough to see that pizza has literally taken over the world in both its savory and sweet form! This can easily be understood by taking a quick look at all the information that has been published from time to time with regard to pizza consumption worldwide. For example, do you know that….

  •  …the largest pizza in the world was made in Norwood, South Africa in 1990 whose length was almost 30.480 feet!!!
  • … the most probable day that you will want to enjoy a pizza is on a Saturday night.
  • …children from the ages of 3-11prefer having pizza to any other food and this goes for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  • …in India the most popular topping for pizza is tofu, while in America it is pepperoni.
  • … each year there are over 5 billion pizza’s sold worldwide!
  • …frozen pizza was invented recently in 1957 from the Celentano brothers.
  • …it is more probable that women will order a vegetarian pizza than men.

Pizza is a work of art in my eyes (when made correctly). I look at a pizza and see the fluffy dough like a clean, white canvas that is calling me to “paint” on it! To put together a unique (and scrumptious) painting by bringing together deli meats, colorful vegetables and all sorts of cheese in order to complete my masterpiece. A masterpiece which if priceless when I share it with my loved ones…

So now it is time to create your own masterpiece!  Summer is a great time for pizza since it can be taken with you and enjoyed anywhere, any time of day -  in the car, airplane, ship, sea, mountain or simply on your porch, balcony or at home on your couch!

I have some unique recipes to inspire you and as always I encourage you to create your own!

Upside Down Pizza

Ανάποδη πίτσα με τυριά από τον Άκη Πετρετζικη

Pita Pizza

Εύκολη πίτσα με τυρί, ρόκα, ντομάτα και ζαμπόν

Gluten Free Pizza

Πίτσα χωρίς γλουτένη

Chocolate Filled Cookie Pizza

Σοκολατένια πίτσα με μπισκότο και παγωτό βανίλια

Chicago Style Pizza

πίτσα από το σικάγο, με κρεμμύδι, σάλτσα και μοτσαρέλα

Whole Wheat Pizza with Caramelized Onions​

Πίτσα με καραμελωμένα κρεμμύδια, ντοματίνια και ρόκα

Quinoa Pizza with Finocchio and Carrots​

Πίτσα από κινόα με μπρόκολο, καρότο, καλαμπόκι και φοινόκιο

Potato and Asparagus Pizza

Πίτσα με σπαράγγια και πέστο

Veggie Pizza with a Spinach Pesto​

Πίτσα με πιπεριές, πέστο από σπανάκι, μανιτάρια και λιαστή ντομάτα


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