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Ice Cream Sandwich
  • In a mixer’s bowl, add the chilled heavy cream and beat with the whisk attachment for 2-3minutes on medium speed, until it thickens.
  • The whipped cream will start to thicken and will gradually reach the texture of yogurt.
  • Stop the mixer and try the whipped cream to make sure it has thickened sufficiently.
  • Warning! Do not beat it any longer or else it will split.
  • Transfer to a bowl.
  • In the mixer’s bowl add the mascarpone and sweetened condensed milk.
  • Beat with the whisk attachment for quite some time until completely combined and becomes a little fluffy.
  • Add the whipped cream and gently fold with a spatula so that none of the volume is lost.
  • Our ice cream mixture is ready!
  • Line a 25x35 cm baking pan with plastic wrap.
  • Add the cookies, good side up, placing them close together but leaving a small space between them.
  • Spread the ice cream mixture over them and add more graham cookies.
  • Cover with another layer of cookies, good side up.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for 4-6 hours to freeze.
  • When ready, cut into pieces, separating between the cookies, with a sharp knife.
  • To serve, dip the side of each ice cream sandwich in the melted chocolate and then into the confetti sprinkles.
  • Place in freezer again, until the chocolate freezes.
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