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The Chef

Born on March 4th, Akis’s charming and passionate personality was apparent from an early age. He was brought up in Thessaloniki and at 16 started working in the family business.

At 18, he decided to leave the city he grew up in and move to Athens and study to be an accountant.

Upon arriving in Athens, he started realizing where his true love and passion lay. How he was so drawn to the taste of fresh fruit, the aromas of Mediterranean spices and the sounds of knives being sharpened on a coarse stone. It was at that precise moment that he made the decision to become a chef, and started by attending classes at the “Le Monde” School of Culinary Arts.

As soon as he graduated and had both degrees (he was now both chef and accountant!!), he started working in many, many restaurants and hotels all over Greece. Later, when wanting to explore the art of international cooking, he took off for England.

During his 5 year stay in England, Akis had the chance to work very closely with many famous and award winning chefs. It proved to be the greatest culinary “schooling” for him. His final experience there was at the famous hotel “The Goring”.

What brought him back to Greece in 2010 was not a business opportunity, as most people might think. He wanted to take part in a reality game show on MEGA channel called “The Master Chef”.

Six months later, he had proven himself beyond a shadow of a doubt. He won 1st place in the competition and became the first Greek Master Chef!

Today, Akis is one the most popular and well-loved television personas. He has been sharing his cooking talents and ideas every day for the last 5 years, on the MEGA channel morning show. People like the way he is able to use and incorporate simple, every day ingredients and masterfully turn them into deliciously mouthwatering recipes with ease!   

Off the air, he is a distinguished, highly acclaimed and much sought after chef, creating up-scale gastronomy! It comes as no surprise that many famous 5 star hotels and restaurants all over the world, turn to Akis as their number 1 choice and ask for his consultation services. He worked very closely with Chef Michel Roux at the famous hotel Metropolitan, in Athens, as his Head Chef.

Multitudes of multi-national companies put their trust in him and want him to represent their products.

In 2014 he began a quarterly magazine publication called “Menu by Akis Petretzikis” and on december of the same year he published his long awaited cookbook called "Now this you have to taste...".

One of his most recent and very successful projects is the “Akis Petretzikis Kitchen Lab”. A culinary laboratory if you like…  A magical multicultural wonderland of taste… 

A word of caution to the unsuspecting passer-by! The aromas that emanate from this magical lab created by this talented gastronomical wizard and his creative team.. are HIGHLY addictive… !!! They will have you running back for more… and more… and more…!!!

As of May 2015, he started a new collaboration with the company Fresh One Productions, which is based in London. He is now a proud member of Jamie Oliver's Food Tube network.

On November 2016, together with Nestlé Dessert Hellas, he published his new book "Just Chocolate".