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Akis Petretzikis Issue no. 09 Summer 2019

This summer hides endless yumminess. It hides sweet and savory flavors. Light, craft cocktails and desserts...made at home! Dishes that create memories. It hides ways through which we can enjoy food that reminds us of home...even when we are not there.

So, we start by creating our own... botanical mixes. What are they? Non alcoholic beverages that we can enjoy by ourselves or with our friends any time of the day.

In order to not have to spend hours washing dishes, we cook delicious recipes using only one pan.

We eat sushi that is...homemade and in fact, we accompany it with the proper wine.


We set a unique table filled with Mediterranean flavors and aromas. The most delicious recipes are within the pages of this magazine and I am sure that you will try many of them.

We make ice creams. Our own homemade ice creams! In fact, we also create ice cream cones in order to serve our loved ones in the most proper way.

We make our life...spicier. We explore the world of spicy dishes and we try them with passion and not fear! Trust me, I have some super recipes for you.

We assemble our own spectacular sandwiches - not only savory ones, but sweet too! There is no way you have eaten these sandwiches before and there is no way that you won't try them now!

We prepare the...smartest desserts!  Well-known, all-time favorite desserts to which we give a small twist. How do we do that? You will find it out in our summer issue!

Lastly, we get to know feta cheese better, we create a super easy phyllo (you will love it!) and we learn how to make our own essential oils at home. 

This summer is going to be EXTRAORDINARY. The recipes that you will find in the pages of this issue, will help you welcome it, live it, and also say goodbye to it in the best possible way. The best part? Any time you get nostalgic of summer days, simply get in the kitchen and prepare one of these recipes. Yes, with this magazine, you can have summer all year round :-)




At all kiosks… Tuesday, the 9th of July… it’s a date!

If you want, you can also get this magazine issue from Find ithere!