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Akis Petretzikis Issue no. 10 Fall 2019

Fall is here and we are -once again- in the kitchen, where we are looking for smart ways to make our everyday lives tastier, more creative and even…quicker. In order to succeed that, we use nuts to prepare sweet and savory recipes with them, perfect for any time of the day.

So, we upgrade our lunch boxes and assemble the most delicious and complete version of them. We cook in a pressure cooker to save time and money, and bake our own sesame bread ring, that we then fill with several ingredients.

We discover how we can pair our pasta with the proper wine and have “home economics” lessons by learning the ideal way to store pumpkin in the freezer. We use nuts not only in desserts but also in our main meals, while we get to know seeds and pseudocereals better, discovering countless reasons to make them part of our lives.

The best part? We get to know all the different kinds of cakes and share with you the most flavorful recipes of the season. Lastly, we assemble a complete meal, step by step, through the “healthy eating plate” – like a puzzle…that everyone has to learn how to make!


At all kiosks… Tuesday, the 5th of November… it’s a date!

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