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Recipe Book
Now this... you have to taste!
November 2014

I travelled throughout Greece and abroad, with a support team of 30 people, searching, cooking, tasting, testing…  It took me 2 years to prepare this cookbook that I am presenting to you today. A cookbook that might be a little different from what you are used to. What makes it so different? It consists of 12 sections inspired from daily life… The most special moments… For those who don’t have a clue about cooking and for those who want to discover the more… demanding culinary paths!

In the pages of this book you will find 150 basic recipes, 400 additional recipes and over 450 pictures! If you are ready to take the most delicious trip of your lives, all you have to do is… flip through the pages and find the recipes you like best and of course pick out the ones you will cook for your loved ones. The “lifesaver” recipes when you don’t have much time and the ones that will make you shine when you throw a party for your friends or even a children’s party (we all know how picky children can be)!

Now this… you have to taste! Get it here.


*The book "Now this... you have to taste!" is published only in the Greek language.