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Recipe Book
My Greek cuisine

This book talks about the magic hiding in a mother’s dish! How? Through 260 recipes of Greek, traditional… homemade cuisine that compose one of the most complete cookbooks, which comes to answer the question “what to cook today?” in the best possible way!

A unique guide for the Greek cuisine, which includes traditional and other recipes borrowed by our customs, holidays, traditions, and family moments. The recipes that you will find in the pages of this book have one common characteristic: They come out of memories of a lifetime! The Sunday lunch…the evenings in front of the TV…the afternoons after school…the family gatherings.

It is the ultimate tasty guide, which tries to bring us “close to our loved ones” no matter where we are! It achieves that through flavors and memories. I am sure that you will love it, just like I loved it from the first moment -when I came up with it- until the moment I held it in my hands! 




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