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Just Chocolate

When you love pastries and baking, you can’t help but to love chocolate! When you want your chocolate creations to really release all of the chocolate aroma and taste in the best way possible, then the best thing you can do is to learn all of the secrets of chocolate from the best professionals in the world! The ones that create the best chocolates in the whole world!

It was this train of thought that led us to plan a trip to Switzerland, which took place in June 2016. We went to a very small town called Vevey, where the head offices of Nestlé are located, right on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Our goal was to learn as much as possible about chocolate so that I could create the best book I could about baking with chocolate. A book so rich and chocolatey in flavor, that you will be tempted to bite into it before you even start to make the recipes!  

This book is as enjoyable and special as the taste of really good quality chocolate. A unique publication with the combined talents of Greek chef Akis Petretzikis and the quality of Nestlé Dessert’s chocolate couverture. It is dedicated to chocolate and to all chocolate lovers that know how to enjoy it!

In the book you will find tips, secrets, advice, information and over 35 fabulous recipes that will help with all of your pastry making and baking skills soar to new heights and fill your kitchen with the richest most irresistible chocolate aroma!

 «In this book the flavor and aroma of chocolate start to emanate from the turning of the first page… Chocolate is a passion for me.. an inspiration… a mood for creation. Nestlé Dessert chocolate couvertures have the exact quality and variety that I need to ensure that my recipes turn out exactly how I want them: unique, delicious and fully and completely enjoyable from the first bite to the last…». 

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Akis Petretzikis

*The book Just Chocolate is published only in the Greek language.