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Recipe Book
Piece of cake
December 2017

The creation of this publication was a truly enjoyable experience that taught me many things. The idea in mind when I began this project was to make a book that would be a collection of all my favorite cakes, and to express my philosophy on them. Sweets are a joy for me. A small pleasure, a break from routine, a symbol of celebration, a tender offering. In order for this book to come to fruition, we made over 5.000 cakes. We created unique, special recipes for each occasion. My goal was to offer you a real “cake bible”. Some recipes may seem complex but don’t be afraid of them. Things are very clear cut in baking. Follow my directions carefully and you will see that the end result will be worth it!

Blisscakes, cloudcakes, sparkcakes, worldcakes… All these cakes are sensational! This is a book with 120 exciting, original, sweet recipes that will not disappoint anyone, no matter what their favorite flavors are. A cook book that brings together the work of many years, as well as my desire to offer you the best of the best. I accomplished this! Among the 12 different sections of my book you will find the most UNIQUE, the most DELICIOUS, the most AMAZING cakes you’ve ever tasted!!!

In addition to these magical recipes, you will also find information that concern the… tools that will help you create your cakes as well as useful tips about ingredients and the execution of each recipe. All of this will prove my words to be true: Making your favorite cake… is really a piece of cake!

Get it here, signed by me!


*The book Piece of Cake is published only in the Greek language.