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Recipe Book
Street Food

120 recipes bring street food to your home’s kitchen!

Fresh, delicious food that you can see it being cooked and eating it right away, using only your hands. Good street food does not have many secrets. Everything happens in front of you, the moment you order it. It is quick (even when it is slowly cooked) and it catches your attention from the moment you hold it in your hands. Moreover, street food has many sides. Dishes that are linked to tradition and to customs of several different areas of the world, an appearance that does not try to impress, and a way of serving that makes you enjoy it in any way you want. With street food, you can be yourself. You don’t care where you’ll eat it, in what way, whether you’ll be alone or with company. What matters is the food in its purest, most authentic version.

New age street food holds its multicultural identity but it goes beyond the well-known theme of hot dogs – bagels – souvlaki and burger. More flavors are introduced and -believe me- they are surprisingly good. Flavors from ALL over the world, all around the world. Flavors that are linked with memories and with their places of origin. This is the power of street food: to reach every place and to take you to every place in the world. You know very well where you will find it: In busy streets and in small alleys. In restaurants (now!) and traditional street markets. In upper-class neighbourhoods and middle-class neighbourhoods. What you probably don’t know is how you can make it. The answer lies in the pages of this book.

Divided into 12 categories, according to their main characteristic, the recipes cover a wide range of choices like meat, fish, pasta, breads, desserts, etc., from several areas of the world, while the fact that they are easy to make and described in detail, makes them perfect for all cooks.



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