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May 11, 2020
Make your own everyday convenience foods

I don’t know if the quarantine is over where you are, but we still have to be careful- both for our health and for our kitchen that has to be full of these basic foods we use often during the week. I thought of writing this blog post in such a way that it would work as a shopping list that we might need to do in a week, 15 days, or a month. The concept? We make on our own -at home- some popular foods for which we would need to visit the supermarket more often. In essence, we go once to get our main raw materials and then create our own stock by reducing our visits to the supermarket. What do we have to gain?

  1. Fewer visits to the supermarket – even if we are no longer in quarantine, let's spend our time outside by taking walks in the park, the sea, nature - generally in open spaces.
  2. Homemade preparations – what better than preparing some of our basic food products on our own using fresh ingredients?
  3. We become better cooks – The more we cook, the better we become! This period of time could well work in our favor, making us "professionals" in the kitchen.

So, what do you think, shall we find out which of the basic products we use in our daily lives could we prepare ourselves at home?

Basic tomato sauce by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisBasic tomato sauce

It is probably one of the most basic ingredients we use in our cooking. So, we make it ourselves at home and store it in sterile jars, sealed airtight in the refrigerator for 2-3 days or in the freezer in special food storage containers.

Extra tip: Along with that, I give you the recipe for Homemade ketchup. In case you want a Club sandwich, a Burger, some French fries

Homemade yogurt by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisHomemade yogurt

Yes, in only 3 hours, we can prepare yogurt in the kitchen of our home! Four large portions to enjoy at any time of the day which we can serve with various side dishes -of course- such as nuts, honey, or freshly cut fruit. And since we're going to get into the kitchen to make it, we can prepare a couple more batches. And if you want, you can try this vegan version: Vegan coconut yogurt

Homemade sandwich bread by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisHomemade sandwich bread

It only takes 10 minutes to prepare the dough, an hour of waiting, and another hour of baking in order to prepare our own handmade sandwich bread! After preparing it, we can store it in the refrigerator for a week (after wrapping it well with plastic wrap) or up to two months in the freezer.

Almond milk by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisAlmond milk

For the classic milk, we need the cow. However, we can make other types of milk, such as almond milk, on our own! And since this is not the only one you can make, here you can find many more alternatives.

Almond butter by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisAlmond butter

We can use it as a spread on our bread, rusks, or cookies. In fact, alternatively, you can even try this Brazil nut butter.

Strawberry jam by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisStrawberry jam

Why strawberry? Because it is an all-time favorite jam that everyone enjoys. In addition, strawberries are in season, so this is the perfect opportunity to enclose their aroma and flavor in jars not only for this season, but also for the whole year!

Homemade cereal by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisHomemade cereal

In total, we will need only half an hour to prepare our own cereals with which we can accompany our milk or yogurt. In fact, for the latter, I have another super accompaniment: Homemade granola!

Mayonnaise by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisMayonnaise

We enhance the flavor of our sandwiches with our own homemade mayonnaise. Ready in only five minutes, with a taste that will excite anyone who tries it. The best part? There is also a vegan version and I have it for you here!

What about doughs?

I have gathered them all here! Not all of them actually, but some of the most important ones. Which are they? Let’s see:

Try these recipes. Love them and let them change your cooking. In our kitchens, we can truly make whatever we are craving for (or at least plenty of them). The main requirement? To have a well-organized refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, and spend a little more time cooking :-) In any case, the result will reward us!


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