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December 3, 2020
Cooking unites us!

There are many ways to cook. In the oven, in the pot, in an open fire...With or without a recipe - just improvising alone or with friends. But the recipes are just as many… They are passed down from generation to generation… They go through our traditions and customs…They travel from place to place. By word of mouth. Through magazines, books, or websites. As for the circumstances that make us get into the kitchen? Truly countless… We will cook just to eat. To have fun. To comfort and be comforted. To thank. To celebrate. To gather - finally! - our loved ones around the table. Because, no matter how we cook, whatever recipe we choose and for whatever reason we decide to prepare it, it is always tastier when we share it with those we love. And, tell me, is there a better time to cook for our loved ones than the holidays?

Sure, Christmas this year will be different. Because this year, we are called to keep our distance in a period of time that has always brought us closer. So, once again, cooking will be the connecting link and will bring us "close" before, during, and after the holidays! How? By starting -early- to exchange ideas for the goodies we will prepare during the holidays. By finding together old and all-time favorite recipes, as well as new, tried, and tested ones! We will brag about them by uploading their best photo on social media. We will reveal all the secrets of our success. Finally, after the holidays, we will be (a little) grumpy about the weight we gained, but we will say "that’s ok"! That’s ok because, through these moments, we gained memories!

You see, in every recipe, thousands of memories are hidden - flavors, emotions, and beautiful moments. So, we choose the most delicious flavors. The purest ingredients. The best recipes. Our goal? To give 2021 the taste we desire! To welcome it by setting a beautiful, festive table and filling our house with scrumptious delicacies. All this, of course, by having our very loved ones by our side, in our hearts, or…on our screen.

And this year, we will spend Christmas together!

Happy Holidays everyone!



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