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March 16, 2016
Calling all Food Bloggers!!

Hi everyone!


This isn’t actually a diary, it is an invitation!


I’m extending an invitation to a special group of people who truly love food!


They spend a great amount of their time cooking, taking pictures, coming up with concepts and ideas to do with food and keep up with all of the latest food trends.


In short, everything to do with food… is very important in their lives!


They see food as a multidimensional art form that has to do with all of our senses… and give it the attention it deserves!


So, it is to all of you Online Foodlisters and all of you Food Bloggers that I am extending this invitation to!


Send in your own diaries, ideas or anything you have put together that has to do with food. Things that impress you or inspire you.. and I, in turn, will post them in my diary, on my website!


 I truly look forward to receiving all of your pictures, ideas, blogs, posts or anything else you may want to send in! Send them in a personal message on my official website on Facebook… Akis Petretzikis.


 Let the Blogging Begin!




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