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March 30, 2020
Nothing goes to waste!

We have talked several times about food that is bought, cooked and goes to waste if it is not eaten, or thrown away before it is even cooked, because it has been forgotten in the fridge or in the kitchen cupboard. This time, drawing inspiration from the new trend of the season that is… trash meals (dishes made from ingredients that - in all likelihood - would end up in the trash), we are looking for new ways to make our kitchen a place for delicious, inexpensive, and well-organized meals. How do we do this? Just follow some very simple steps:

1. Make the most of your materials. In short, think of ways to use the whole fruit or vegetable so that no part of it ends up in the trash. Not even seeds or pits? Yes, I'll answer you. Not even pits, since they can be used as first-class natural pectin for your jams (especially apple seeds). Here, you will find some more ideas that you may not have thought of.

2. Go grocery shopping with a list. Organize your refrigerator, your kitchen cabinets, and -based on this- prepare your shopping list before visiting the supermarket. In addition, learn how to read food labels as well as the expiration dates, and keep that in mind when shopping. That way, you save space, time and money, but also ensure a better future for our planet.

3. Cook with a…theme. What does that mean? For example, you can prepare recipes inspired by Italy for one week. Then, gather the ingredients according to your weekly plan and… Do you any leftover chicken? Finely chop it and put it on a pizza. Do you have any leftover or (over)ripe vegetables? Make delicious Vegetable lasagna. This pattern allows you to use an ingredient in a variety of ways without being bored of it, and also to reduce any leftovers that would end up in the trash.

4. Love... ugly produce. There are no “ugly” fruits and vegetables. All tomatoes -in terms of appearance- are the same when cut into a salad and all oranges are (also) the same in appearance when making juice. So, don’t hesitate to choose ugly fruits and vegetables in the grocery store or supermarket. The only reason for not buying a fruit or vegetable is its unknown origin and production, but also that it may not be in season.

And, finally…

5. Treat raw materials as a small treasure. Because raw materials are truly our treasure. They’re a treasure because they help us satisfy our hunger every day and fill us with energy. They give flavor to our lives. They supply our body with valuable nutrients. They gather us around the table and help us make our loved ones a little happier. Just tell me…Who can resist a delicious meal? No one. For all these reasons, you should strive to make the most of your materials and make sure nothing goes to waste.


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