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August 7, 2020
Make your summer refreshing!

In the following lines, I have gathered some small “treasures” that you should keep in the back of your mind as you will need them. When will you need them? When you want to quench your thirst after a summer walk. When you look for something refreshing at the beach or at your backyard. When you decide to host a get-together with friends on your balcony or when you just wake up in the morning and want to hydrate and cool down your body.

Also…when you are hungry but do not want to eat. When you want to eat, but you prefer to stick to your diet (well, it's summer after all!). Generally, whenever you need them, these recipes will be there to give you all the hydration, taste, cheerfulness, relaxation, and -of course! - the coolness you desire! Why? Because they are the most super recipes for summer drinks you have ever tried!

So, would you like to take a look at the characteristics that a drink must have in order to be on our… summer list? Well, here they are:


A summer beverage should be tasty and give valuable nutrients to your body.

Watermelon strawberry and ginger smoothie by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisWatermelon strawberry and ginger smoothie


It should be fruity and have a velvety, refreshing texture.

Raspberry banana smoothie by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisRaspberry banana smoothie


It should betropical if you cant go to tropical places, you could at least taste a little bit of them through a drink ;-)

Coconut fruit punch by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisCoconut fruit punch


A summer beverage should definitely hydrate your body!

Cucumber and red pepper infused water by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisCucumber and red pepper infused water


It should give you energy, without having extra calories.

Hummus shake με ροδάκινο από τον Άκη ΠετρετζίκηPeach hummus shake


It should be a classic one, butwith an original recipe made from scratch!

Homemade pink lemonade by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisHomemade pink lemonade


A summer beverage should remind you of your childhood…

Watermelon granita by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisWatermelon granita


It should boost your mood (just by looking at it) and create an ambiance either you enjoy it alone or with your loved ones!

Gin tonic by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisGin tonic

Read them, make them, enjoy them, and tell me…what you think about them! Send me your photos and spend the most beautiful and refreshing summer of your life!!!

Have a wonderful summer!



*/ The main photo is from the recipe Watermelon fruit punch.

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