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June 5, 2018
Can our kitchen help save the planet?

Today, 5th of June, is World Environment Day. And in a few days -18th of June to be specific – is Sustainable Gastronomy Day. We all know what the first day is (it’s celebrated across the world since 1974), you might wander how the second came about…

It was established by the United Nations on December 21, 2016 and it was celebrated worldwide for the first time last year. And since I’m not very good with history, I’ll stick to what I first thought when I heard about that day. What was that? That the way we cook and manage our food has a direct impact on our environment. Though some already know about it, this day will get the message through to even more people. So, we’re saying “yes” to gastronomy, but we’re doing it in an environment-friendly way. In a few words, we will employ a green way of shopping, cooking and managing food! Can it be done? Of course! Believe me, it’s much simpler than you imagine. You just have to change some of your habits, both inside and outside the kitchen. Which habits you say? Let’s see…


When shopping…

  1. Go local. Choose local products. They are not transferred across endless miles in order to reach our plate. You can find more useful information here about what that means.
  2. Choose according to season. What does that mean? If a fruit or vegetable is out of season, then don’t buy it. Why? It was probably not grown naturally. This is a burden both on the environment and on our health. You will find a seasonal list of food here.
  3. Properly organize our shopping, according to our needs. A list will help you shop what you actually need. Thus, you will not overconsume food which you might not cook within the week. Plus, you will not forget anything we need. If you do, you might have to return to the supermarket (wasting time, gas and… money!).
  4. Limit our nutrition. It’s unbelievable how consuming is the production, management and consumption of meat, and how much of a burden it is on our planet and our health. Avoid consuming meat in a daily basis. Once or twice a week are enough, and if we’re talking about red meat, once every 10 days!
  5. Turn our backs on plastic bags. A shopping bag will help you transport our groceries from the supermarket to your home in style and in an ecological manner! You can find such a bag here ;-)


When cooking…

  1. Choose our pots. There is no reason to buy a large pot, if you’re cooking only for one. When you cook, make as much as you need – or even better – cook for more than one days. It is an excellent practice and you can learn more about it here!
  2. Manage our kitchenware. What does that mean? Apart from our food, it would be very wise to manage our kitchenware when you cook. In other words, don’t open the door of the oven often in order to check the food. For example: Do you want to toast a few slices of bread, a waffle etc.? Then, don’t open the oven, use the toaster instead. Finally, fill the dish washer before washing the dish and properly organize your fridge (avoid opening and closing the door needlessly). You will find everything you need to properly organize your fridge here.
  3. Find new ways to enjoy leftover food. This is not just for holidays or large family dinners, but for every day! It’s important to find new way to reuse our leftovers. You can find some interesting (and tasty!) ideas here.
  4. Dont waste any food. According to studies, one out of three helpings ends up in the trash. This affects our planet and… our pockets. Of course, it can change! You can learn more about it here.
  5. Recycle again and again! Yes, recycle everything! Wraps, appliances… even food! You can recycle the food by reusing leftover as we detailed above. As for wraps and appliances, use the recycling bins :-)

My friends, these are only a few of the things we can do to help our planet and make it breathe. The simplest daily habits can really make a difference. Let this be the first day of the start of greener kitchen for us! To celebrate it, I have prepared a special cake for you :-) Yes, it’s the one you’re seeing in the photo. You can find it here!



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