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July 21, 2021
Snack Time: 3 tips to up your snack game

Every day we talk about delicious appetizers, showstopping main dishes, and yummy desserts… Apart from these, though, there is another meal which is much more important than we think. Which is it? A snack, of course, which puts a brake on our appetite and gives us the energy we need to keep going for the rest of the day until the moment we eat our lunch or dinner. You see, without it, we may consume more food (since we will be even hungrier by the time we eat). In general, snacks help us organize our meals, as well as satisfy any cravings during the day by using savory and sweet delicacies. So, today, I decided to share with you 3 smart tips that will help us “upgrade” our snacks, creating unique and tasty recipes, using the right ingredients and some secrets that can give our creations even more flavor ;-)

#1 Preparing the best toast sandwiches

Tell me, is there anything more popular than a toast sandwich when we talk about snacks? I do not think so. Its alternatives? Countless… With cheese and ham or deli turkey, with tomato and lettuce, with egg, even with… tuna or salmon, toast sandwiches are a snack that we can use at any time of the day and fill us up for a long time. But how many secrets can the preparation of a simple, classic toast sandwich hide? I will answer you right away: Three to four. Yes, you read that right! The first - and most basic - has to do with bread. The kind of bread that enriches our ingredients without covering their taste. We want it to be delicious, soft, fluffy and fresh. A sourdough sandwich bread with extra virgin olive oil could be the perfect choice since -thanks to its unique texture and taste- it is loved by young and old alike. The second secret lies in the ingredients that we will choose to add to our toast sandwich. They must be fresh, good-quality ingredients that go together well. In fact, if we like original flavors, we can choose a more gourmet type of cheese or smoked turkey, freshly cut prosciutto, and so on. The third secret? The butter that will take the taste of our sandwich to the next level. Just spread a little on the two bread slices and let it do its job. Finally, the fourth secret has to do with baking. Some choose to eat their toast sandwich raw; others want to bake it. So, if you belong to the second category – you either bake the toast sandwich in the toaster, or put it in the oven – make sure to give your bread the time it needs to be cooked properly and to get this golden color and extremely crunchy texture. So, follow the above tips and take the simple, everyday toast sandwich to the next level!

#2 Making original sandwiches

This is an equally classic - and more enhanced - snack which can well be a main meal! And while the "traditional" way wants sandwiches to be filled with all kinds of cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and meat leftovers, there are new ingredients that have come to the fore nowadays, with which we can create nutrient-rich sandwiches, perfectly adapted to our dietary habits. So, are you ready to see which ingredients have been added to the list? First and foremost is the avocado, which replaces butter or is added as a creamy sauce in our sandwiches and enriches both its taste and its nutritional value (always depending on the other ingredients we have used). Then, we have the pickles that enhance the taste of the other vegetables (as, of course, a proper sandwich is rich in vegetables). Other ingredients? Cheeses, cold cuts, and meat which are used in their most gourmet version. Many times, in fact, the meat is cooked exclusively for this purpose (i.e. to be sliced ​​or pulled into the sandwich). Finally, another ingredient that is gaining more and more ground is the "green meat" and generally plant-based proteins. All this, enclosed in fluffy bread that still remains the main factor of a good sandwich!

#3 Discovering the brioche bread

This, in my opinion, is a versatile ingredient that can help us create unique sweet and savory snacks. Many have linked it exclusively with sweet flavors. And yet, this type of bread can be an original "base" on which we can assemble delicious savory creations. Its buttery taste and rich aroma unfold when cooked, so the best way to consume it is hot. It can be the basis for countless snacks - from savory sandwiches, French toasts and burgers, to sweet toast sandwiches with chocolate, banana, or jams - even for individual soufflés. This is a kind of bread that can “upgrade” our snacks at once, giving them an incredible taste and aroma. The main requirement? To be top-quality, made with pure materials.

So, which of these do you think will become your favorite tip for a proper, complete, and delicious homemade snack? I am waiting for your comments and -of course- the photos with your own creations!


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