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April 6, 2021
Grocery shopping and cooking during the pandemic

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we shop for groceries, as well as the way we cook. From time to time, I have read countless studies that provide information about what we shop for, how much we shop, from where, and how often. So, I sat down and thought about how the coronavirus has affected my everyday life regarding shopping for groceries. Thus, I came to the conclusion that -indeed- my actions have become more "methodical" now - not only when I visit the supermarket (if I decide to visit it), but also before I leave home. What do you think, shall we check out some of these changes that have now become part of our lives?

#1 Getting closer to ourkitchen

Let’s not lie…Homemade food has replaced both dining out and food deliveries. Now, we get into our kitchen to cook every meal of the day and we do it with joy. Why? Because through cooking, we not only feel creative, but also safe. In fact, people are no longer afraid to…experiment and try making more demanding recipes that they would not even think of making in the past. How do I know that? I understand it from the photos of the recipes you send me, and from your cooking questions as well ;-)

#2 We better organize our grocery shopping and -consequently- our pantry

In order to reduce our visits to the supermarket and the market, we make more complete lists. We gather everything we need and we are now more focused when shopping. This, of course, in many cases makes us shop more so that we are sure we have everything. Nevertheless, our basket contains more raw materials than ready-made snacks, since many of the preparations (as already mentioned) are made entirely at home. In addition, we add simpler and cheaper ingredients that can lead us to delicious food and snacks.

#3 We aresurfing the Internet much more

Where to? The supermarket, shops that sell kitchen and cooking utensils, even the… greengrocer’s, the butcher’s, or the fishmongers! Of course, we should not forget to mention pastry cooking which has also become more homemade and handmade. So, whatever makes our life easier in the kitchen and our preparations more successful, we look for it and shop it online while the shops are closed.

#4 We have acquired healthier habits

"Does that have to do with grocery shopping and cooking?", you will wonder. "Of course, it does!", I will answer you. Why? Because, now, we are more careful in the way we shop for groceries. We wear a mask, keep our distance, and make sure to sanitize our hands often while we are in the supermarket or the market in general. These habits that we have adopted for a long time now, do not keep away only the coronavirus. Relevant studies, that have been conducted from time to time, have shown that we have managed to keep the flu and viruses away. In addition, the way we shop and eat is healthier, with fruits and vegetables playing an important part and providing valuable vitamins.

#5 The freezer haswarmed our hearts

Why? Because it hides countless goodies for every moment of the day. However, it also hides leftover food and half-finished recipes – so we can reduce the time we spend in the kitchen. What does that mean? More time with our loved ones, a fuller menu (I always refer to the value of home-cooked food), more money in our pocket, better food management, and reduced waste. So, tell me, isn’t all this enough to warm our hearts?

#6 Delivery has become part of our lives

We will order but we will not pick up our groceries. Delivery is now part of our lives and not just for ready meals, but for everything we shop for and comes to our home at the touch of a button. But how safe is this in terms of coronavirus transmission? According to the World Health Organization, the delivery of the products we buy from the supermarket is safe provided that the employee follows all the rules of hygiene. As for us? We just have to pick up our groceries wearing our masks and then washing our hands thoroughly.

So, reading all of the above, do you recognize yourself in them? Do you follow any of these habits? I look forward to your thoughts and comments, and I hope that we will soon go back to normal, while sticking to many of these new habits that have changed the way we look at our kitchen and cooking.


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