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Recipe Book
March 11, 2021
The ultimate vegetarian and vegan cookbook is here!

Another year full of research, tests, photoshoots, and endless meetings was wrapped up in words, imprinted in pictures, reached the printing house, and from there -in the form of a book- was published by Psichogios in bookstores and -of course- on the shelves of Akis Eshop from where it can reach every corner of the earth.

Our diet - as it has been shaped in recent years with meat and animal products being an integral part of it - gave us the incentive to deal with the subject of this book. Yes, the modern man does not do without meat. However, nowadays, the need to reduce meat and animal products is more urgent than ever.

With this in mind, my colleagues and I decided to introduce the world to the most delicious side of the vegetarian and vegan diet. How? By adapting yesterday’s recipes to today’s cooking. By using the fruits of nature. By creating new meat-free versions of traditional meat dishes.

So, according to all the above, the basis of this book is vegetarianism. So, what we did was take all the needs of the people regarding food and turn them into a recipe book – and to be precise, with VEGETARIAN recipes! Nutrient-rich breakfasts, delicious brunch ideas, complete meals, amazing pies, scrumptious desserts, and filling snacks - are all in the pages of this book in their most delicious version! A key part -of course- is Greek cuisine, 70-80% of which includes dishes without meat and animal products. Dishes that come from past years- such as legumes and stews - and evoke memories since they were once a staple of our diet.

Talking about meat-free…

A vegetarian or vegan recipe can only be simple. A meat-free table can only be simple. Agreed. Nevertheless, each of us experiences fasting in a different way, and -now- many people resort to a meat-free diet for different reasons. Moreover, there are many who follow a "greener" diet without meat and -in many cases- without products of animal origin purely for their own personal reasons. 

But do you know something? The taste of a dish does not negate any of the above. In addition, the clever combinations of ingredients that will lead to a nutritious dish are invaluable, whatever the reason why someone chooses to prepare a fasting, vegetarian, or vegan recipe. So, these were the reasons - along with my need for new cooking experiments - that led me to look into this. Along with them, the challenge of proving to meat lovers that a meatless dish can be a complete, nutritious meal.

In my endeavor, I had very some very good and strong “allies” by my side. These were none other than all the valuable nutrients that nature generously gives us. The small treasures of my country -but also of every country- which can be transformed into unique dishes having as their main goal NOT to FEED US, but to NOURISH us. To nourish our body and soul. And tell me now… Isn't that one of the main goals of fasting? I think so. And like many things in our lives - so does that - it passes through the stomach!

From this time forward, it also passes through the pages of this book which helps the reader to explore a different culinary path, always guided by homemade, well-cooked food. The conclusion? There is no need to follow vegetarianism to look for this book. Instead, anyone who wants to improve their life can turn to its pages. By removing a large percentage of meat from our diet, we will feel better about ourselves and we will realize -finally- that we can fight the dependence we have on meat in a very easy, "green", and delicious way!


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