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July 30, 2020
Food brings us together

When we were little, we used to make mud pies and stone soups during the holidays… Later, the first get-together with our friends was to the neighborhood’s fast-food restaurants. Today, in order for an outing with our friends to be "complete", we have to end up eating. Food has always been connecting us with our loved ones and this is a truth that no one can deny. It is no coincidence that many dishes have been prepared for us to enjoy them with friends: From traditional pies in large baking pans to cakes with candles that you can only blow along with your friends. A meal - even a simple snack - has the power to bring people together. With that in mind and summer… ahead, I decided to write this blog post and share with you some recipes that you could use to get close to your loved ones this summer. You will find them in the following lines along with 5 reasons why a delicious meal can have such a positive effect on relationships with those around us.


Food helps us communicate

A dinner around the table, a quick meal on the go, even a walk with an ice cream in hand are always an opportunity for conversation. The same goes for a BBQ at home, which gathers us all around the grill from the moment of preparation, until the moment when the food touches the grill and is -then- served on our plate. If you’re really into hosting a BBQ, you will find countless recipes for delicious meats on my website. Some of these?

Lastly, you can find here an older blog post with tips for beginners -and not only- of grilling.

Chicken kebabs with bbq sauce by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisChicken kebabs with bbq sauce


When we cook, we cooperate

Yes. We all get into the kitchen, we gather the ingredients, and we work together to create the perfect meal. We exchange opinions, as well as recipes. We experiment with raw materials and prepare the table where our food will be served. We become more creative and talk about our news before, during the preparation, but also after the meal. We can easily do all of the above by preparing homemade pizzas. From rolling out the dough to sharing the ingredients, our every move is an occasion for conversation. The recipes? Plenty. Here, I have three of my favorites!

Chicago pizza by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisChicago pizza


A recipe is an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge

A recipe can take us all over the world. A table set with delicacies from international cuisines can be a cause for wanderlust or it can inspire us for new getaways. In any case, it challenges us to exchange opinions, to get to know new cultures, and to love new ingredients. Finally, if we come from another country, food gives us the opportunity to talk about it and get to know each other better.

Bao Buns by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisBao buns


A meal with friends relaxes us

Is there a better way to relieve the tension and the stress of the day than to eat with those we love? Definitely not. Many of us find solace in a well-cooked meal and come even closer to its “creator”, but also to whoever we share it with. This is the so-called "food for the soul" that we enjoy with our loved ones in its most comforting version.

Greek pastitsio - Akis' baked pasta by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisGreek pastitsio - Akis' baked pasta


When we eat good food with good friends, we live longer :-)

It may sound strange, but according to the results of a relevant study that was conducted by the Mental Health Organization, good food -in combination with good company- boosts mental health and helps us have a longer - but above all - a better life! So, good company and a few traditional Greek snacks inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, are the ones that will bring us closer to our goal.

Greek baked octopus by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisGreek baked octopus

Of course, these recipe lists are countless. And that's the perfect ratio, my friends. To have a few good friends and countless recipes for them to try. In moderation (in terms of food), but not in moderation in terms of fun and conversations that -plenty of times- last until dawn.


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