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September 21, 2015
Back to school…. with lunchboxes packed with Aki’s snacks!

The school bell has rung and it’s back to school! A new school year has begun…

I wanted to make something special for the kids! That’s why I have prepared some wonderful and healthy snacks for lunch break. I’m sure they will love them… I do!

To get away from the classic sandwiches and other foods offered in the cafeteria, but to also enrich their nutritional habits…. I have a plan…

I have added some of the ingredients that are necessary for their proper nutrition.. you know, the ones they avoid and run away from whenever you serve them! But I’ve combined them with other tasty and delicious ingredients in these recipes. Now they will be coming back for more… but little do they know… they will be asking for more vitamin enriched snacks, that are high in nutritional value!

I’d like to start off with a variety of pies and doughs. The kids will not only love them and eat them up, but you will have a lot of fun creating them.. maybe even together! They are easy to make, they smell divine and they are just perfect for a filling snack or lunch.

Let’s kick off with some Chicken and Cheese Bread Puffs. You can use any types of herbs or aromatics you like as well as either anthotyro cheese or ricotta. They are very light with very few calories and in just 1 hour you will have 30 little bread puffs to fortify their lunch with.



If you are a more a fan of the very famous and extraordinary Cheese Pie, definitely opt for the home made cheese pie, made with your own two hands! Watch the quick video I’ve made for you. Mark my words; both you and your children will be dragging you off to the kitchen to start making one!



A very healthy choice would be Potato Pie Swirls or Broccoli Fritters. Some of the basic ingredients are leeks, peppers or broccoli. Three vegetables that are rich in vitamins A,C and D, iron, magnesium, calcium and low on calories. You won’t even need to say “eat your broccoli!” because they will have already devoured it without knowing it! 




You can make your own Brown Rice Bread, which is great for making sandwiches. It is also perfect if your child can’t have any gluten. You can battle those cafeteria sandwiches with cornflower, yeast and sesame seeds! If you ask me there is NO competition whatsoever… your brown rice bread will win hands down! 



You can also make those great Bagels with similar ingredients but also using flour. They make perfect and filling sandwiches. Also a favorit recipe of mine, is the Homemade Sandwich Bread! You can store it in the freezer until you need it. It can be stored for months! Even though I don't believe any slices will be leftover!





Prepare some Gluten-Free Thin Crackers and serve them instead of potato chips or similar crunchy tastes. They will get hooked and might even prefer them when they get the munchies. You can also make them with flour and they just take 30 minutes to make!



And last, for a quick snack on the go and especially if they partake in sports, they will love the Nuts and Orange Oat Bars. They are very light, balanced in sugar and honey and heavy on the oats. Or for a little sweet surprise… a couple of Milk and Cookie Truffles. Colorful and tasty! They carry a cinnamon aroma and can be ready in just 20 minutes.




I hope your kids enjoy all these snacks that are filling, healthy, nutritious and definitely tastier than anything they could find at school. As always, I urge you to add your own creativity to all of these recipes, make them your own and I hope all of you enjoy them!


Pack those lunchboxes full of all these goodies!


Happy munching and snacking to both kids and parents and I hope you have a great school year!

You can find a large variety of recipes for kids here!


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