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October 26, 2018
5 things that I learned from my diet!

The truth is that I haven’t really gotten into the process of following a specific diet. I did it, though, a few months ago and I can say that the process amazed me! It’s not only that you can lose weight and that you feel better psychologically, by having elevated energy levels…It’s also that you learn how to follow a healthy lifestyle by making balanced meals, high in protein and fibers, low in fats, sugar, and salt. Of course, at the same time as my diet, I followed a workout routine, too. I did this not only for better results but also to check my body's reaction by following a -thoroughly- healthy lifestyle. 

So, check below what I found out - and what you will possibly find out too!- by following my nutrition plan 

1. It is very easy to eat a little more!

If you belong to this group of people that have a hard time maintaining exactly the eating plan, then there are two solutions… You will have to either work out longer or make sure that your next meal is something healthy -with fewer calories- so to balance out your daily intake as much as you can. Do not leave it for the next day! It would be good to act the sooner possible, in order to avoid any kind of disappointment. Of course, according to the diet that someone follows or the period of time that he/she follows this diet, it is reasonable to have moments when he/she feels tired.  For this exact reason, it is important to act directly, and of course to have the assistance of an expert.

2. Yes, you can survive without sugar!

Even though it was something that I didn’t believe I could do…I made it! That’s why I believe that anyone can! I imagine that have to consume slight to no sugar when you follow a certain diet, it’s something that you already know and something that doesn’t amaze you. There are several alternatives – more nutritional and just as tasty that you can add to your diet – and limit the processed sugar. I found out that consuming less sugar helped me lose a lot of weight, while it increased my energy and concentration levels (something very important to me, and to anyone who works many hours!).

Oat tarts with stevia

Oat tarts with stevia by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis

Avocado coconut truffles

Avocado coconut truffles by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis

3. Do not get scared by the fats!

There are definitely the good and bad fats, and of course, the bad or otherwise, saturated or trans fats are these that we have to avoid. The so-called Omega 3 fatty acids which we usually find in oily fish, nuts, and seeds – they seem to protect from cardiovascular diseases and boost emotional health, help in the brain’s development (during pregnancy), and in the avoidance of inflammations. That’s why you have to say yes to good fats like olive oil and avocado, and not get scared by their extra calories. Of course, as we’ve already said, moderation is the best thing and that applies to everything!  

Sea bream with chili and basil

Sea bream with chili and basil by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis

Roast swordfish with veggies

Roast swordfish with veggies by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis

4. When you lose weight, you don’t just lose fat.

Perhaps you already know that…But it’s very important to follow a balanced diet that has the proper percentages of macronutrients (50-60% carbs, 10-20% protein and 25-30% fats). Then, the possibility of losing more fat mass is greater. Differently, it is pretty easy to lose a lot of muscle mass and water from the body, especially if someone follows some strict diet and if at the same time, he/she doesn’t follow a specific workout routine. Besides, that’s why it is a lot better to follow a balanced eating lifestyle in your everyday life, than doing a yo-yo dieting. When you feel, though, that you need to, just have a cheat meal.  

5. Learn to organize your weekly meals properly.

What do I mean by that? Before I started my eating plan, I used to eat inconsistently and my meals weren’t that complete! But, I learned to have a program… I knew exactly what to eat and when, and I prepared my lunch box at home, too! As weird as it might seem, that’s the only possible way to follow a diet and eat the meals that you have in your weekly plan. So, dedicate some time each night and prepare the meals for the next day… If you don’t do that, it is very possible to omit one of your meals and give in to the temptation that you’ll find in front of you!

What do you find out each time you follow a diet and what would give you the motive to follow it for a longer time? Would you change your lifestyle entirely?

Lastly, I have one more reason to persuade you that healthy can also be tasty. Which is this? Check out the awesome smoothie I made and I like having as a mid-day or afternoon snack, and I’ll be waiting for your impressions ;-)

Akis’ smoothie

Akis' smoothie by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis


This article was written in collaboration with Kitchen Lab’s Sports Nutritionist Anna Maria Volanaki, MSc, BDA, SENr.

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