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October 16, 2018
How well do you really manage your food?

Today, I am not going to tell you what I usually do regarding a healthy diet… I will talk to you more about what we should all do and how we should act if we want EVERYONE to keep having food on this planet. The problem has practically already started, for so many years now, since in several countries the food is not enough and that results in malnutrition, while in some other countries the exact opposite happens…

So, on the occasion of the World Food Day (16/10) and by having in mind all that we mentioned above, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), challenges us to contribute to a better world by adopting some simple habits which can make the difference not only in our lives but also in the lives of people that may live thousands of miles away from us. Our motto? #zerohunger. Our goal? A world in which every person will have access to food – a main good of our lives, which -as it all seems- is not a given for certain people. So, what are the ways with which we can contribute to that?  

  1. We use the food that is left, for the next day or we use it to make a new dish. In no case should we throw it out. Moreover, when we dine out, we should ask to take the leftovers at home or we should ask straight away to order half of the dish if we feel that we aren’t that hungry -yes, it is not so common in Greece, but you never know…!
  2. We offer food to those who need it. It is not just a beautiful act. It is a wonderful way to take advantage of this one food portion that it could, differently, end up in the trash.
  3. We organize our kitchen according to our needs and we store our foods correctly, by starting -of course- from how we organize our refrigerator – something that I’ve already talked to you about here.
  4. We follow a healthier lifestyle. How to do that? Take a look at my 12 tips on how to live better every day and how to better control our food portion.  Believe me, by making a small change day by day, in the end, it will all become a lifestyle without even knowing it! In fact, the sooner we start adopting all these habits, the faster we will achieve our goal. So, here I have a way to convince kids as well, to look at some meals and snacks differently. Besides, as we’ve already said, it is good to get kids to follow a healthy eating plan from a young age! And of course, you can find even more healthy recipes in the good living section of my website.
  5. We make our purchases according to our needs. We get organized, make a list and go to the supermarket when we are full, so to not be tempted by the surrounding “temptations”. In that way, we will manage to spend less money and at the same time, purchase what we truly need!
  6. We shop from local producers and small stores, and that we know exactly what our food contains. We start reading the food labels and choosing those that are indeed healthy and better nutritionally.
  7. Water is a life source for all of us. When we cook, water is usually one of the main ingredients. That’s why we have to care about it, in order to have plenty of it. I have also talked to you about that topic, here. What impressed me the most is that just one orange needs 50 liters of water in order for it to be produced. Did you know that? So, if you throw out an orange, it’s like you throw out something a lot more than this…Are you having second thoughts now?
  8. In our own way, we can all affect the people close to us by informing them regarding that matter… We will have to take advantage of any kind of activation, information, and education for all. In that way, we will practically do everything that we can in order to fight hunger and protect our planet.

I believe that this is a matter that we can talk about for hours. But, let’s stop talking and let’s start acting! What do you say, shall we make a small act in any way that each one of us can? It’s up to us!


 This article was written in collaboration with Kitchen Lab’s Sports Nutritionist Anna Maria Volanaki, MSc, BDA, SENr.

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