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July 12, 2019
Are you looking for the secret to youth?

The most important thing in life is to never let a day pass without smiling… Even when you are facing difficulties, try to find things that make you happy and help you limit your stress on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, stress is part of our everyday lives and it is, for sure, one of the main reasons why someone might look older. From that point on, there are a few simple “secrets or tricks” that you can learn and use in order to look younger!

Water and hydration

Consuming water and liquids during the day is something more than necessary… You should consume 2 to 2.5L water daily, and this quantity may vary depending on the sex, physical activity, environment, and of course the individual needs of each person. Water plays an important part in the normal function of the body’s organs, the transport of nutrients, the digestion process and, of course, the fecal excretion.

Skin is an organ that is consisted of cells. So, when you do not hydrate your body properly, your skin looks tired resulting, also, in looking older than your actual age. Just drink your water and make it an indispensable part of your everyday nutrition.

Consume plenty of vegetables

According to the World Health Organization, we should eat at least 400 g of vegetables per day. Not only are they rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, and minerals, but it has been also found that their consumption reduces the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases and some specific forms of cancer. Vitamins C, K, carotenoids, lycopene, and B-complex vitamins definitely are essential for the normal function of our immune and nervous system, but also for glowing skin. As you understand, having glowing skin is necessary for looking younger. In fact, a relevant study showed that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables improved skin’s look greatly, within 6 weeks.  I think this is enough to convince you to increase the number of veggies and fruits that you consume!

Quit smoking

I think you already know the hazards of smoking and what diseases it can cause to our body exactly. The fact that it creates more wrinkles -especially in the area around the mouth-, that it destroys the skin’s cells and makes it look dull and yellowish, are consequences that definitely do not make us look any younger. For this reason, if you are smokers, you should reconsider it... Moreover, how much more glowing will your skin be without the toxic substances of a cigarette?

Keep a food diary

The fact that it is important to eat complete, nutrient-dense meals with protein, carbs, and “good” fats is something that we have also mentioned plenty of times. If you note down what you eat in your everyday life in detail, you will be able to recognize foods that bother you and observe exactly which days you ate more than you should have or which days you did not eat meals that were nutrient-rich. This way, you will be able to fix and improve your nutrition by eating more nutrient-dense foods, rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your skin from oxidative stress and that will result in improved health and skin’s look.

In fact, there are positive indications that if you add “good” polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, usually found in fatty fish, seeds and nuts, then the look of the skin is improved, photoaging and sunburns are reduced, and cases of acne or psoriasis also seem to be improved. What is certain is that more studies have to be carried out in order to get a clearer picture.

Exercise and play with your kids

I have told you countless times about the benefits of working out both to our health and to our mood. Of course, if you are a person that already works out, you must have seen these results yourself… What is true, however, is that apart from the stamina, strength, and flexibility that regular physical activity offers, it seems to also have antiaging effects.

Moreover, engaging with younger people and especially with your kids, nieces/nephews or godchildren is something that will not only bring you joy and make you forget the bigger problems of adults, but it will also make you look happy, glowing, and of course younger -this is something that a psychologist can definitely confirm.

Be careful of sun's radiation

The fact that sun and its radiation, especially during the summer, can affect the skin and increase skin aging, is something very well-known. That’s why you should be careful of that too, and never forget to wear sunscreen at the beach.

As you see, you can do plenty of things to remain young and most of all, healthy. So, do not waste any more time, start today!


This article was written in collaboration with Kitchen Lab’s Sports Nutritionist Anna Maria Volanaki, MSc, BDA, SENr.

*The above information is based on published research findings.

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