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Recipe Book

Recipe Book

In 3 simple steps you can create your own e-book, with your favorite recipes from the site. That way you can quickly and easily manage all your favorite recipes through your profile and refer to them whenever you need them. By registering, you will also receive newsletters with fresh news, recipes and my new contests!
Click on the "Recipe Book" icon at the top right of your screen or click "Register" at the top left of your screen.
Fill in the necessary information in the registration form and log in to your profile to create your own recipe book. You can also connect directly through facebook.
To add a recipe to your recipe book, just press the dedicated button underneath each recipe. Access your recipe book through your profile and find all your favorite recipes sorted into categories, directly and easily.
Your recipe book is ready!
You can now refer to your favorite recipes directly, without having to search for them whenever you need them.