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Where does it come from

The watermelon, or Citrullus lanatus, comes from Central South Africa. The Greek physician Galen would refer to it as the “milopepon” or “applemelon” and Pedanius Diosorides, another Greek physician would refer to it as “sikios o imeros” or “cucumis the tame”. Unfortunately the Greek name did not prevail in the Greek language but took on the Turkish word “karpuz” which became “karpouzi”. The watermelon appeared in the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt. It was cultivated in China in the 10th century A.D. and made its way to Europe in the 13th century.

It is one of the most refreshing fruits available since it consists of 91% water! It contains Vitamin C, it is a slight diuretic and contains large quantities of carotenoids.

When should it be planted?

The watermelon is sewn during the spring and usually is ready to be consumed after 80-100 days. Watermelons can be consumed from June up until October.. In July it is at its sweetest!


It requires heat, sun, a dry atmosphere and wet soil. It can be cultivated outdoors only in the summer, but in a greenhouse it can be cultivated even during the winter months!

Nutritional analysis 

  100 g  % RI
Energy (kcal)  33.5


Fats (g) 0.3 0
Saturates (g)  0.1 1
Carbs (g) 6.9 3
Sugars (g) 6.9 8
Fibre (g) 0.1 0
Protein (g)​ 0.44 1
Salt (g) 0.01 0

RecipesThe values represent the percentages offered to cover the needs of most people which are 2000 kcal per day.

Watermelons can be enjoyed raw, as a granita, in pies and as refreshing smoothies!

The article has been written in collaboration with Kitchen Lab’s Dietitian/Nutritionist Christos Papavaggelis.

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