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Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage all belong to the same family. The broccoli we eat is basically the flowers of the plant that are eaten like a vegetable.

It originated in the Mediterranean Basin and its cultivation began from the 6th century BC.

It is rich in vitamin C and fibers and contains many antioxidants which can be destroyed when boiled in water. This is why it is better to cook broccoli in the oven, in the microwave or by steaming.

With a very low caloric value (100 g of broccoili only have 30 calories!) but rich in nutritional values that are beneficial for our health. 

  100 g  % RI
Energy (kcal)  43


Fats (g) 0.6 1
Saturates (g)  0.15 1
Carbs (g) 3.1 1
Sugars (g) 1.9 2
Fibre (g) 4 16
Protein (g)​ 4.3 9
Salt (g) 0.02 0