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Kitchen Lab

Just like the name suggests… this space is my lab, my kitchen where I allow myself to be inspired, experiment and test my recipes until I perfect them. A multicultural multiplex of creation and endless flavors…

How did the idea of Kitchen Lab come about? My dream was always to work with my team in a friendly environment that would be more like a home than an office and would offer all of us, a warm space that could be the source of endless inspiration.

So it is within this space that we set ourselves free to create, cook and come up with new ideas for recipes that we bring to life by working all together.

A combination of different types of individuals, different characters with different responsibilities that have one thing in common… food!  We mesh together so well and work as a unit trying to bring about the best results possible!

It may seem strange to you but it is at Kitchen Lab, where all of the creative efforts for the website, the magazines, the cook book and even the television shows are all coordinated from. You could call it the “headquarters” of taste and flavor since everything is thought out and planned within these walls.

Also due to its unique interior design, that gives it more the look and feel of a home.. Kitchen Lab is the perfect space where many company seminars, parties and various other events are held.

Finally, it has become the now well-known and very characteristic kitchen where all of the filming for the Greek and English You Tube channel are held. I hope you too feel comfortable here and enjoy all of our delicious recipes!

It is within this space that I spend most of the hours in my day!

So I welcome you… to Kitchen Lab!  

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