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Kitchen Lab

Every Chef has a favorite place, where they are given the chance to experiment, let their imagination run free, create all sorts of flavors and flood the world with aromas!! Yes! This is exactly the type of place Kitchen Lab is! A cooking laboratory, A multicultural multiplex of flavors and aromas!

It all began when I realized that my kitchen at home could not fit all of the things I wanted to make! Ingredients, food, friends, coworkers with whom we would take apart recipes and build them up again from scratch from morning till night in order to perfect that one spectacularly PERFECT recipe! The best one of all!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many chocolate pies, bagels and millions of other recipes were prepared in my kitchen at home. How many ingredients were packed on to the shelves and refrigerator! It couldn’t go on. That is how I decided to move the “heart” of my home (and mine) somewhere else!

This is how Kitchen Lab was born. I was able to fit all of my hopes, dreams and ideas in these two words! As well as all of the flavors I have in my mind and even the ones I haven’t thought of yet! The space is simple but special and unique. It is both modern and traditional, but above all it is warm and friendly. I now have more than one kitchen space set up and many cooks – all of them young people who all focus and pour all of their love and passion into cooking. The kitchens are downstairs and the offices are upstairs. Each desk is for a different coworker and each individual has their own special job to do to help the team to complete everything we do that finally reaches you!

Yes we do a lot of cooking here at Kitchen Lab, that’s a given. At the same time though, we come up with new ideas and bring them to life! We create! It is in this space that all the new, creative ideas, recipes and projects are coordinated for everything I bring to you! And it pleases me to no end that you all love what we do so much…

The website, magazines, books as well as all of my cooking shows.. both on television and on the internet are all done here.


It is in this wonderful space that I spend most of the hours in my day. This is exactly the reason why at Kitchen Lab one can find things that may remind them more of a home than a place of work. What may these things be you ask? The wooden furniture and shelves that are filled with all sorts of objects – from the most simple thing to the most complex – that can be found in anyone’s kitchen! The plush sofas and armchairs that make the Kitchen Lab Studio a place of relaxation as well, since we all need to take a break between all of the shootings, photoshoots, recipe testing etc. etc. etc!! ;-) Simple, decorative objects that offer personality and even more warmth to the space around them.

So! Kitchen Lab is a cooking studio,  a creative laboratory and undoubtedly my second home!