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Burger AP

Burgers… at home! Burgers made out of high quality ingredients! A great recipe that has been tried and tested. Freshly baked beer bread, imaginative sauces and fantastic combinations that you want to try over and over again. Burgers are taken to a whole new level – any level YOU choose! Along with that, you get also to choose all sorts of delicious side dishes like fries and salads that will make your meal a complete experience! Where? Why at Burger-AP of course! Burger lover’s and food lover’s favorite spot in Agia Paraskevi.

Welcome to Burger AP!

Τα καλύτερα burgers και τα πιο ιδιαίτερα side dishes βρίσκονται στο Burger AP!

Here, you will find the classic, traditional, very much loved burger but also selections that you never even imagined… Why? Because apart from the beef burger and chicken burger, you will also find caramelized pork pancetta, beef filet, duck and crab in its… crunchiest form! Each one is accompanied by super fresh vegetables and a sauce specifically designed for each, that will really boost the levels of taste sky high!

Το κλασικό burger με διπλό μοσχαρίσιο μπιφτέκι!

Το πιο τραγανό καβούρι και τα πιο νόστιμα side dishes!

To create your very own complete meal, just the way you want it… all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Come by Burger AP’s door along with your friends.

2. Choose the burger you like best.

3. You can also choose any of the imaginative side dishes you’ve ever tasted so that you can enjoy along with your burger, or you can choose between two sensational salads! The most delicious Caesar Salad or a unique Super Food Salad made with quinoa, lentils, avocados, cranberries and nuts with a super lime dressing! You won’t believe how delicious they all are! ;)

4. Next step…. Choose your beverage and then wait for the buzzer to… buzz! Come and get your order in no time at all!

5. Maximum enjoyment!

Τα πιο ζουμερά και χορταστικά burgers βρίσκονται στο Burger AP!

Γλυκοπατάτες και παγωτά! Τα γλυκά του Burger AP!

Did you leave a little room for dessert? No? Then hang out for a while and then you can order a spectacular dessert! Frozen yogurt with granola and honey, Banana ice cream with cookies and caramel, Praline ice cream with chocolate sauce and shredded waffles…or Crunchy sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar! Which one will become yours??!!

Burger AP! Where the surprises in flavor never end!

I’ll be waiting for you,


Info: Burger AP, 16 Elvetias street, 15343, phone: 2106083607. Tuesday-Sunday: 13:00-24:00 & Monday closed.