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How to handle phyllo dough
  • Remove the phyllo dough from the package and cut the tape with a pair of scissors.
  • Spread the sheets of phyllo dough out on a clean working surface and cover with a kitchen towel, making sure it completely covers the whole surface of the phyllo.
  • Keep a small bowl full of water close to the covered phyllo dough and lightly sprinkle the kitchen towel with water, using your hand.
  • Each time you want to use a sheet of phyllo dough, lift up the towel and pick up a sheet and cover the rest again with the kitchen towel.
  • If the kitchen towel dries out, sprinkle again with some water.
  • Warning! Don’t add too much water to the kitchen towel so that the sheets of phyllo dough don’t get soggy and stick together. A few drops are enough.