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How to prepare calamari


  • To properly prepare a calamari (or squid), carefully separate the head from the body so that the intestines (if any) are also removed.
  • Cut away the head from the tentacles right behind the eyes.
  • If the calamari has a mouth, remove and discard along with the intestines and head.
  • Pull out and discard the thin, clear central bone.
  • Using a knife, remove the skin from the body along with the fins. You can keep the fins if you like.
  • Cut the calamari in half, exactly where the vertical crack is. Using your knife, remove any leftover intestines or dirt.
  • Wash thoroughly with water and dry off with paper towels making sure that all of the moisture is absorbed.
  • To finish, turn the calamari inside out and score the interior gently in a crisscross manner.