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How to cut a mango

Watch the video in sign language here!

  • Make sure that your mango is nice and ripe.
  • To check if it is ripe enough, press down on it with your fingers and it should be soft and give way a little. Also, its color should be quite yellow and not green.
  • You will need a knife and a fork to begin.
  • Slice a small piece off the bottom of the mango, so that it is able to balance upright on a cutting board.
  • Hold the mango with the wide side facing directly in front of you, vertically.
  • Insert the knife in to the mango, until your knife finds resistance on the pit, then slant the knife a little so that you can continue cutting around the pit on one side.
  • Cut the other side in exactly the same way.
  • Cut away any flesh attached to the pit, to loosen it and discard the pit.
  • To remove the flesh from the peel, place the mango in front of you so that the wide side is parallel to you.
  • Slice the flesh with the knife, without ripping the flesh.
  • Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.
  • You can also cut the flesh in a crisscross manner and then press the peel upward to expose the flesh.
  • Carefully cut away the cubes of flesh from the peel.
  • Cut off any remaining flesh with your knife.
  • Cut mango in to any size pieces you like.
  • In this quick and easy way your mango is ready to eat!