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How to cut up a whole chicken
  • To cut up a whole chicken it is important to use a very sharp knife.
  • Begin by removing the thighs.
  • Cut between the body and the leg.
  • Grab hold of the leg and twist to remove it from the socket and cut away any remaining connection of flesh.
  • Turn chicken over and slice off the wings.
  • Turn it straight up and cut it in half, separating the breasts from the backbone.
  • Remove any fat or skin.
  • Place the chicken breast, skin side down on the cutting board and run your knife between the breasts to divide them.
  • Cut each breast in half and slice off the wing tips.
  • Bring the thighs back and separate the drumstick from the thigh.
  •  Make a small cut at the leg joint twist to dislocate and cut through the flesh and skin to separate the two halves.
  • Your whole chicken is now nicely cut up in to portions!