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How to peel tomatoes
  • You can peel tomatoes in two ways.
  • For the first way: you should have a pot with boiling water on heat. With a knife, remove the stem of the tomatoes. Flip them over and with a knife, score their base with a cross. Dip the tomatoes into the hot water for 15-20 seconds or as soon as the peel starts coming off where the cross is, and transfer them right away into a bowl with water and ice. Peel by pressing lightly with your hands.
  • For the second way: remove the stem of the tomatoes and stick a fork at the side of the stem. With a kitchen blowtorch, burn the tomatoes all around and then, dip them into the bowl with the water and the ice. As soon as they are cool, peel them.
  • Spread some kitchen paper towel onto a plate, place the peeled tomatoes, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate.
  • Ready for caprese salad and tomato sauce.