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April 15, 2021
Preparing jam without…following a recipe!

A smart way to use our ripe fruits and make our days even sweeter.

Let’s start…

Wash your fruits, peel them (if they need peeling) and weigh them. If you want, after weighing them, add 50% of their weight in sugar. Put your fruits into a big bowl and "smash" them with your hands. You should smash them according to how smooth or not you like your jam. Mix the fruit with the sugar, have a taste, and -if you want- add more sugar. At this point, you can proceed with the preparation as it is or you can add a little vanilla extract, a little bit of some alcoholic drink, or some other fruit (if the quantity of this fruit is small, you do not even need to weigh it; just wash it, peel it, and add it into the bowl). Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight.

One day later…

The next day, have a taste of your mixture again (both the fruits and their juices). If you like the taste, then pour the mixture into a pot. Otherwise, add more sugar or spices, and then pour it into the pot. The pot you choose should have a thin bottom since jams should boil quickly, but the heat should not be concentrated. The next step? Put some saucers in the freezer (you will understand why later). Take a wooden spoon (since jams need frequent stirring) and place the pot on heat (medium to low).

Is it ready or not?

How will you know that it is almost ready? Once it starts to boil, you will notice that the bubbles on its surface are small and plenty, while their texture looks like water bubbles. As it keeps boiling, you will see that the bubbles will start to lessen and have a “greasier” look. At this point, your jam is almost ready. To test if it is ready or not, take out one of the saucers you’ve put in the freezer and pour a teaspoon of the jam on it. Then, pass your finger through the jam. If you see that the mixture forms "wrinkles" and looks like jelly, it means that your jam is ready. If you do not see any of the above, and the jam is still watery, boil it a little more and repeat the process with the saucer. You should have a taste of your jam often since the sugar should NOT be caramelized. If this happens, it cannot be fixed. Your jam will lose its beautiful bright color and will take on a browner hue.

How do we store it?

When your jam is ready, transfer it to a jar (if there is plenty of it, divide it into more jars). Seal the jar with its lid, turn it upside down, and let it cool. You can store your jam in the refrigerator for about 20 days. The shelf life of the jam can be multiplied if you decide to sterilize your jars before using them. In this case, you can store it inside or outside the refrigerator (sealed in the sterile jar) from 6 months to 1 year.

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