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February 20, 2018
Before you choose your fish.. read this!

The seas in Europe are starting to… become “barren”. By following some simple but very important steps, we can all help to make them “fertile” and full of life again! What is our goal? Our goal is to choose sustainable species of fish! How do we do this? In four simple ways:

  • Try to consume as much of a wide variety of fish as possible, instead of choosing just one type.
  • Try to prefer products that carry the label “sustainable fisheries”. Two major labels that certify sustainable fisheries are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and FOS (Friend of the Sea).
  • Until today, fish and seafood carried labels with the trade name of the species, the production method (fishery or aquaculture) and the area of production. Based on the new rules, the date of the catch (or catching of aquaculture fish) should also be written and whether or not the product is fresh or has been frozen and defrosted.
  • Take care to buy only adult fish and prefer to buy them “in season”, avoiding the species that have been caught during their reproductive period.



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