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September 30, 2019
Would you pay $185 for a sandwich?

How much do you love sandwiches? How much would you pay in order to buy a well-known sandwich from New York? The “Don Wagyu” store which is near the Wall Street area, raises the bar – not only regarding the taste, but also regarding…the cost- by introducing the wagyu beef sandwich. Everything begins with the origin of the meat which comes from a farm in Japan; it ships only 5 cattle to the USA per month! After being breaded with panko, the meat is fried for about 2 ½ minutes and -when “it rests”- it goes between two slices of soft, white bread accompanied by a Japanese steak sauce. Lastly, it is served into a wooden box that you can -of course!- keep, so that this experience will remain unforgettable to you (not that the 185 dollars will ever let you forget it…).


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