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Sweet Potatoes

They are sweet but not fattening! This is the best way to begin talking about sweet potatoes and clearing up this myth about them; and now we can move on to some of their characteristics. They are rich in starch, while those that have this beautiful orange color are also rich in carotene. Compared to regular potatoes, they have a lower glycemic index and contain vitamins and nutrients that are valuable for your bodies.

When should they be planted?

Sweet potatoes love the heat. Beginning from that, you can understand that the best period to plant them is undoubtedly spring (especially the hotter days of May) and of course, the beginning and middle of summer. The simplest way to plant sweet potatoes at home is to keep an eye on the ones we have already bought, until you see a couple that start to sprout! As soon as you see that, place each sweet potato in a large glass with water (leaving only one end out of the water). It is important to renew the water to keep it fresh so that they don’t become moldy. Position the glasses close to a window with natural light until you see that the sprouts start to grow. When they have reaches about 10 cm in length, carefully pull them off of the sweet potatoes and plant them in soil. The sprouts need to be planted about 20-25 cm deep in the soil. Water it generously and wait for the harvest!!!

When are they in season?

Always collect your sweet potatoes before the cold weather begins. Meaning from September to October and it should not be raining. You need to be quite careful with your movements. Then, allow the sweet potatoes to dry completely and store them in a warm, dry place, away from the sun’s rays. Of course they need to be well ventilated and be consumed quite quickly.

How to choose the best sweet potatoes:

The smoother and “cleaner” the surface of the sweet potato, the better the sweet potato! So choose the ones who do not have cracks, bruises and of course the ones that don’t have roots! Store them in a cool place without light or moisture. From the time you bake them, you can store them in the refrigerator for about a week.

How to use them:

Boiled, baked, roasted, pureed, in a soup, as a garnish, appetizer or side dish. In both savory or sweet recipes. You can combine them with honey, cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg to really boost their flavor!

Storing secrets:

Outside of the refrigerator, sweet potatoes can stay fresh for about a week. Refrigerated (up to 15* C – 59* F) they can keep for about 1 month. In the freezer, they can last for about 2 months. The last option, of course, requires a process of preparation – since you need to boil the sweet potatoes and give them their final “shape” – for instance, if you want mashed potatoes then you need to boil them and mash them. If you want them baked, boiled etc. you need to cut them and boil them until they soften a little. This way, when you need them, simply continue the cooking process from where you left off when you placed them in the freezer. Melt the mashed potatoes in a bain marie and add butter and spices and continue to cook them or bake them or fry them! Super quick and simple!

Nutritional analysis:


100 g

 %   RI

Energy (kcal) 



Fats (g)



 Saturates (g)



Carbs (g)



Sugars (g)



Fibre (g)



Proteins (g)



Salt (g)



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