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Beef - Choice cuts and how to cook them

Beef is red meat. The usual problem most of us come up against when buying beef at the butcher shop is… what cut is good to buy and which part is the right part for each style of cooking.

Following are the cuts and the best way to cook each one of them.

  1. Neck: This part is found close to the bone. It is the softest part with quite a bit of fat. The part close to the bone is ideal for all styles of cooking, while its outer side is harder and perfect for ground beef. It is not appropriate for grilling.
  2. Steaks: Those delicious chuck steaks found right behind the neck, at the first 5 ribs on the back. They have fat on the outer side which is removed easily. Ideal for grilling, pan grilling or roasting.
  3. Top chuck: It is the top layer of chuck. Soft, without too much fat, that is ideal for ground beef, stews and grilling.
  4. Brisket: This is close to the shoulder region. It is a soft part with a small amount of fat and there is also a part which is very soft with quite a bit of collagen. It is ideal for stews, ground beef, cooked in a clay pot and in parchment.
  5. Fillet: The softest, most tender, juicy, lean and most expensive cut. It is found on the inner side of the spinal column, starting from the kidneys. Ideal for grilling and pan grilling.
  6. Flank: This part starts from the last vertebrae on the back and reaches up to the pelvis bone. It is quite a fatty cut, perfect for ground beef, stews and grilling. 
  7. Sirloin: This cut is at the end of the back. It starts from the rump and ends at the ribs. It is an expensive cut, tough but tasty. Perfect for grilling and pan grilling in slices or stir fry.  
  8. Short ribs: The fattiest part of the animal. It is found in the chest area with a lot of bones and a small amount of meat. It is one of the less expensive parts of the cow. It is ideal for braising and if the bones are removed makes great ground meat.
  9. Flank: This part has quite a bit of fat. It is ideal for ground meat, soups and tomato stews.
  10. Round: This cut is found at the front part of the thigh. It has more fat than the round cut but they are cooked in the same way. Ideal to thicken sauces due to the fact that it contains a lot of collagen.
  11. Shank: This is the back part of the knee knuckle. It is rich in collagen. It is ideal for stews and the bones are perfect for stocks and soups.