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How to organize your refrigerator
  • Your refrigerator should always be clean and well organized.
  • The perfect temperature is between 0*-5* C (32*-41* F).
  • Meats and fish should be placed on the highest and coldest shelf. Should always be in a container to avoid the transference of juices and to avoid the loss of moisture and flavor. 
  • Deli meats, dairy products, sausages and eggs should be placed directly under the meats and fish. Eggs are refrigerated to help preserve them better but they can also be stored out of the refrigerator. All cheeses should be wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Food in Tupperware as well as opened packages of food (like pies etc) should be placed below them, on the third shelf. Any opened canned foods should be transferred to a container because when the can remains open it becomes oxidized! 
  • Fruits should be placed on the lowest shelf.
  • Vegetables should be placed in the drawer.

Refrigerator door

  • Do not place anything that can expire in less than 1 month on the refrigerator door because that is where the highest temperature is.
  • Ketchup, mustard, marmalade, jams, jellies, sodas, refreshments, teas, sauces, mayonnaise, olives, anchovies, canned goods, spices, coffee and pickled foods.

Should know

  • Label your meats, fish, opened packages of foods and cooked food in containers and add the date stored.
  • All herbs (parsley etc) should be wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Fruits should not be stored along with vegetables because they produce a substance called ethylene which affects the quality of the vegetables.
  • Do not store chocolate in the refrigerator because it alters its texture. The ideal temperature is between 18*-20* C (64*-68* F).
  • The flavors of spices, especially the red ones last longer when refrigerated and should be hermetically sealed.